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SBC DSL Internet: SBC Internet DSL You'll Surf The Web For Less! SBC

SBC Internet Internet Service: At SBC Internet Direct You'll Get The Best Selection of Internet Shopping and always The Best Prices!

SBC DSL Internet: SBC Internet DSL You'll Surf The Web For Less! SBC

SBC Yahoo! DSL, SBC Yahoo! Dial and SBC Wireless Internet are making the Internet even faster, safer and more fun than ever before. The best price Internet service, the best Internet tools - mail, spam-blockers and firewalls - the best customer support (by far!) and so much more. SBC and Yahoo! have combined to create a world-class Internet Service which is now more reliable than ever. It just has to be SBC.

SBC Yahoo! DSL is an information service that combines DSL transport, Internet access and applications from SBC Internet Services, with customized content, services, and applications from Yahoo! Inc., to provide the customer with high-speed broadband access to the World Wide Web. Further details on offers/packages provided at SBC Yahoo! Website.

SBC Internet Software: SBC Internet and SBC Yahoo! DSL For a Fast Web! SBC …

With SBC DSL Internet stay more secure with the latest SpamGuard, AntiVirus software, Pop-up Blocker, and more... With SBC/Yahoo! DSL you get state-of-the-art firewall software to help keep hackers out - all so you'll have more peace of mind. All so you'll have a better online experience. SBC DSL also provides SpamGuard - SBC SpamGuard helps stop annoying junk mail, you can even block specific addresses.

SBC DSL Internet: SBC Internet DSL You'll Surf The Web For Less! SBC

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